Report: Costco Has Plans To Sell A “Kirkland Signature” Chevy Truck

Soon it won’t just be Costco brand toilet paper, vitamins, peanuts and other everyday items for members of the wholesale club, but Kirkland Signature trucks. According to a new report, Costco and Chevrolet have plans to sell a co-branded Silverado “sometime” in spring or summer — an offer that’s for members only, of course.

Jalopnik got some PowerPoint slides from an anonymous source outlining the plans for a 2015 Chevy Silverado LTZ Kirkland Signature Edition for “Costco members only,” and got confirmation from Chevrolet that the whole thing is not some weird fever dream after someone overdid it on the Kirkland peanut butter pretzels one night.

The truck will probably be based on LTZ luxury or Z-71 Off-Road packaged vehicles in a configuration “best compared to (top of the range) High Country,” the report says, with 400 getting built for warehouse display. Customers will then special-order their own vehicles through dealerships.

Though Chevrolet did confirm the truck is happening in some for or another soon to Jalopnik, Costco has yet to chime in with any official announcement. No word on how much a pallet of these things will cost, either.

Costco Will Sell A ‘Kirkland Signature’ Chevy Silverado [Jalopnik]

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