NYC Officials Would Like To Remind Everyone To Please Refrain From Peeing On The Subway Platform

While there are some things one might hope wouldn’t need spelling out, if you want to get your message across, you’ve got to be clear. That’s why New York City’s transit officials felt the need to spell it out for patrons of the subway system, with a sign asking people to please not pee on the platform.

The New York Times’ Andy Newman has a photo of the polite missives, several of which were posted by transit workers in the West Fourth Street subway station.

“Please Do Not Urinate in This Area,” they read, with “urinate” in all capital red letters. “Active Work Area.”

The NYT had to wonder, as does anyone, if the Metropolitan Transportation Authority really felt the situation was so dire that it had to beg people to hold it, or what else could have possibly prompted the signs.

“No mystery at all,” a spokesman for the agency told the Times. “That station is an area that is notorious for public urination.”

People going out to bars and such late at night, the homeless and others just feel the urge to go there, he added, which is even more bothersome due to the fact that there’s a lot of work going on at the station right now.

Don’t think that if there is no sign in sight that it’s okay to let loose anywhere in the subway system, the spokesman added. You know, in case you thought that might be okay.

“If you look at our rules of conduct, there is explicit language that says that urination is not allowed in the system,” he told the NYT.

New Subway Etiquette Campaign: ‘Please Don’t Urinate in This Area’ [New York Times]

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