Eatery Surprises Diners By Picking Up The $5,182.19 Tab For Entire Restaurant

What’s better than a night out on the town? A night out on the town that involves a surprise free meal. In a move that’s good for the business’ image and definitely welcomed by diners, a restaurant in a Detroit suburb told patrons the owners were picking up the tab… for everyone.

The entire $5,182.19 to cover the cost of all the food and beverage consumed by tables at the restaurant Wednesday night was wiped away by the owner, reports the Detroit Free Press, with a matching donation going to the Royal Oak Boys & Girls Club as well.

The company that owns the restaurant decided giving away free meals would be the best way to celebrate the eatery’s first anniversary, and the owner’s way “of saying thank you to the people who’ve been loyal supporters” and helped him open the restaurant as well as a lounge upstairs.

He says he chose the Boys & Girls Club to support because it is dedicated to “giving kids a good path to go down” and teaches them they can succeed if they stay focused and pursue their dreams.

Though no guests were interviewed, a PR rep for the restaurant said some diners didn’t believe what was happening at first, and were very grateful. “Guests were thanking everyone they could — the servers, the hostesses, even the valet,” he said.

Again — smooth PR move? Of course. But who’s going to argue with a free meal and money going to a good cause?

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