Colorado Florists Offering Pot-Themed Bouquets For Valentine’s Day Because Love Is Just So Dank


(Just picture a bunch of flowers around that. DEARTH !)

When it comes to marijuana in Colorado, now that the stuff is legal for recreational purposes, you better believe retailers are trying to lure in all the greenery loving customers it can. So what better way to show your cannabis cutie how you feel than with a “budquet” of marijuana? I would also like to apologize for the phrase “cannabis cutie,” but it cannot be helped.

These arrangements include flowers, one because a bouquet entirely made from pot would likely be a bit pricy and also because it’s just too stinky.

“You can’t do a lot because the smell is so overwhelming. It’s more of a little accent here and there,” the owner of one Denver shop tells

She maintains that for pot fans, incorporating their favorite plant into their daily lives is just like giving someone chocolate or wine.

There are legal parameters in place for these arrangements, in order for florists to make them: The customer must provide the marijuana, and the florist cannot deliver the result, it has to be picked up at the store by the buyer.

Colo. florists offer pot-themed Valentine’s Day bouquets []

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