Police: Georgia’s Pizza Hut Fugitive Captured In Indiana

(Paxton Holley)

Not the relevant Pizza Hut. (Paxton Holley)

The prison inmate who managed to give his guards the slip while they were stopped at a Pizza Hut grabbing food in Georgia has been nabbed in Indiana, police say. Considering that’s where he was headed anyway, it all kind of works out, doesn’t it?

Police in Indiana took the man into custody without incident near Ellettsville, Ind., reports 11Alive, and transported to a federal holding facility.

He escaped from a prison transport van on the way from Florida to Indiana earlier this month when police say he shoved a security guard and ran while the vehicle was at Pizza Hut in Georgia.

He was originally arrested on a probation violation warrant and was headed back to the state where that warrant was issued. It’s unclear at this point what, if any additional charges he’ll face after pulling a Houdini.

Cartersville Pizza Hut fugitive captured in Indiana [11Alive]

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