Pinterest Reportedly Planning To Rollout A “Buy” Button As Early As This Year

It’s not always enough to just look at pretty things pinned to your Pinterest boards; sometimes you desire to have them in your physical possession. That need for instant gratification may be why the scrapbook service is reportedly laying the groundwork for a “buy” button that would allow users to purchase products straight from the site.

Re/Code reports that the new button would let Pinterest users order and pay for some of the products they covet without jumping through multiple webpages.

People close to the company tell Re/Code that the button could be launched anywhere in the next three to twelve months.

The addition of the buy button could signal the site’s anticipated transformation to an e-commerce platform.

Many industry analysts say the buy button is part of the natural evolution for the company; that it is only reasonable to expect consumers who already signal interest in products on the site to take the next step and make a purchase.

Sources tell Re/Code that Pinterest is close to an agreement with Stripe, which already has arrangements with Facebook and Twitter, to handle payment processing for the new venture.

While many of the details regarding the e-commerce aspect of Pinterest are currently unknown, Pinterest likely won’t control the shipping process for products bought through the site.

News of a forthcoming buy button comes just two months after Pinterest announced it would rollout its “Promoted Pin” feature – which allows businesses to pay to have pins of their products pushed out to consumers – to a wider audience.

Pinterest Is Working on a Plan to Introduce a ‘Buy’ Button as Soon as This Year [Re/Code]

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