Police: Man Hoping To Cash Fraudulent Check Grabs $500 Another Drive-Thru ATM Customer Left Behind

Just because a whole bunch of cash unexpectedly ends up in your lap doesn’t mean it’s yours for the taking, because there is no such thing as a money fairy and those funds have to come from somewhere. Police say a Pennsylvania man was caught on camera first trying to cash a fake check for $1,900 at a drive-thru bank telling window and then instead, snagging $500 he found in the delivery tube and driving off.

Police said the man pulled up to the bank on a mission to pass a fraudulent check, reports WJACTV.com, when he found something more to his liking.

“When he pulled out the carrier from the bank teller, the carrier contained $500 from a customer that was just there,” said the police chief. “The customer accidentally left the money in the carrier.”

Officials say there’s video capturing the suspect in action. After finding the moolah, he took it and went to another location to try to cash that fake check, the police chief added. That didn’t work, and police caught up with him eventually at his girlfriend’s house, hiding in a closet.

He was arrested, though the $500 is long gone by now. As for the original owner of that $500, police say he or she should be able to get it back through restitution.

Police: Clearfield man arrested for stealing cash at bank drive through [WJACTV.com]

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