Americans Will Spend $703 Million On Valentine’s Day Gifts For Pets

Do you like to celebrate holidays with your pet? The National Retail Federation asked Americans how much we plan to spend on Valentine’s Day gifts for our pets, it adds up to $703 million across the whole critter economy.

That sounds like a mind-boggling amount, but comes out to only $5.28 per pet owner. The NRF calculated this number based on a survey of 5,000 people about their gift-buying plans for Valentine’s Day, including lovers, family, and critters. Gifts for pets tend to be more practical, though: someone might buy a heart-shaped catnip toy instead of a mouse-shaped one, or pink dog biscuits instead of tan ones. Those are purchases that people would make for their pets anyway, yet get broken out as holiday spending since they happen to be holiday-themed.

The average respondent said that they plan to spend an average of $142 on gifts, flowers, and cards for human loved ones. That’s a total of $18.9 billion nationwide.


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  1. PowderedBeefmeat says:

    I’ll spend $0 on Valentines Day, ok maybe a tank of gas.

  2. C0Y0TY says:

    If you really love your pets, DON’T subject them to any holiday pageantry. You’ll just upset them. They don’t understand why you’re shoving them into a frilly bag with holes or making them sit still in a weird basket while you flash lights in their eyes. They’re not meat dolls. You’re doing that stuff for yourself, not them.

    • Advice well taken from a fellow canine. I like to fit celebrations in with what I know my dog already likes: a birthday cake made from meat and bananas, for example. We sat outside and greeted trick-or-treaters on the porch to avoid having the doorbell ring.