The Reality Of The KFC Double Down Hot Dog Is Depressing

doubledowndogNearly five years ago, KFC tried to rejuvenate interest in its menu by going the extreme-food route with the Double Down, a bacon and cheese sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken for the bun. Now the fast foodery is trying to push a hot dog version of the Double Down on its customers in the Philippines, and the results leave a lot to be desired.

Since it’s a hot dog, the idea is that, rather than use two pieces of fried chicken as a bun, you just use one bun-shaped piece of fried chicken and slap a wiener in there.

It might work well when you’ve got food stylists and time to take a sexy ad photo, but in practice it’s a lot more difficult. While some folks got hot dogs that vaguely resembled the advertised product (which is about the most you can hope for in fast food), others… not so much. Here are just a few samples of the dogs that should have been put back in the kennel:

New product. #OriginalDoubleDown #DoubleDownDog #foodporn

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Curious to taste this new offering of #KFC #doubledowndog 👅😊

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