If Only The Shower Coffee Maker + Soap Dispenser Was A Real Thing

Really for sale, but not really a coffee maker for the shower.

Really for sale, but not really a coffee maker for the shower.

With the dawn comes an age old dilemma — do you make coffee first thing in the morning or take a shower to greet the day? If only those two things could happen at the same time! Maybe they can, but it won’t come in the form of the Bathe & Brew Coffee Maker + Soap Dispenser.

Consumerist reader Brandon wrote in to share a photo his wife Stacey snapped at a Birmingham, AL Walmart, writing that she came across “this genius invention” while browsing for party supplies. Nothing says party like coffee in the shower, that’s for sure.

Indeed, at first glance, Bathe & Brew promises to be the answer to a yawner’s dreams, pledging to “Cut your morning routine in half!” and bragging, “Stainless housing stands up to even the harshest dandruff shampoos!”

Alas, upon further investigation, the Bathe & Brew has revealed itself to be nothing more than a prank box, artfully designed for gift givers to dupe recipients into thinking their soapiest prayers had been answered. It’s basically a way to break someone’s heart.

Here it is as sold by PrankPack.com, as one of a series of “genuine fake gift boxes.” It even has its own fake commercial:

Guess this means I’ll have to go back to taking the travel mug into the shower.

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