Western Beef, Where The Price Of Cod Depends On Which Stock Photo You’re Looking At

codfillet2Consumerist reader Jenifer was perusing the weekly Western Beef circular for the chain’s Florida stores when she came upon a bit of a choose your own fish adventure with pricing.

At the bottom of one of the pages of this week’s Western Beef circular in at least Broward County, where Jenifer lives, there’s a promo touting cod fillets at $5.99 per pound. Not bad, to be sure — unless you’d rather choose based on the stock photo on the right promising a price of $3.49 per pound. I’ll take the cheaper one, thanks.

Jenifer thinks it could be that the photos are actually of two different kinds of fish, but there’s really no way to tell if one is cod and the other isn’t.

Western Beef does list its circulars online, but as of Wednesday afternoon, the circulars for Florida were from Jan. 7, 2015, while Jenifer’s copy is for Jan. 14.

Looking at last week’s circular shows that cod fillets were going for $5.99 per pound and used the same stock photo as the one on the left this week, so it’s safe to assume that shoppers can expect the more expensive price at the Florida stores. We reached out to Western Beef to see if that’s the case.

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