The Snuggie Is Back, Somehow Even Worse Than Before

evening_snuggieThe Snuggie, a thin fleece blanket with sleeves, reached a special height of pop-culture relevance back in 2009, but they’ve never really gone away. (Though some may have dissolved into piles of Snuggie lint.) Sleeved blankets have remained on the market all this time, and now they’ve taken kind of a weird turn into costume territory. If you’ve dreamed of lounging on the couch while pretending to wear a tux, the new generation of Snuggies are for you.

They’ve also fixed some of the more obvious design flaws, adding pockets to store things, and a sash that helps you tie your Snuggie closed. Of course, adding a sash just makes the Snuggie resemble a backwards bathrobe even more.

Snuggie Store [Official Site]

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