The Only Food On The Menu At London Cafe Is Cereal (Okay, And Milk)

There’s just something about tucking into a full bowl of your favorite cereal, doused in your milk of choice, that’s unlike any other eating experience. In an effort to tap into that segment of people who love shoveling spoonfuls of breakfast into their mouths at all times of the day, a cafe in London recently opened up that serves exclusively cereal. Yes, just cereal. And milk, which is also a food as well as a beverage, right? Sure.

These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill bland breakfast choices, however (and at £2.50 or about $4.00 a bowl they shouldn’t be, considering I can get a box of corn flakes for that price): Rare options out of the 120 choices at the Cereal Killer Cafe run the gamut from nostalgic cereals from the past like Breakfast With Barbie to coco creations from other countries and Oreo-O’s sourced from South Korea.

The cafe also offers a choice of 13 different kinds of milk and 20 toppings like bananas and chocolate, reports The Guardian.

On the beverage side of the menu, there are boozless cereal “cocktails” that combine different cereals with strawberry milk. Like when I used to get into my grandparents’ cereal cabinet and shut the door. And stayed very quiet for as long as possible so as to achieve the combo with maximum deliciousness.

Anyway, then there are the dessert concoctions that sound like the answer to your stoner cousin’s munchie dreams, including Lucky Charms cheesecake and Reese’s Puffs cake.

The owners, twin brothers with very nice facial hair from Belfast, apparently came up with the idea after a night of too much drinking, when the craving for ginormous bowls of sugary cereal often hits along with the urge for one’s comfiest house pants.

No word on whether the cafe provides bathrobes and comfy chairs or if you have to bring your own.

Here’s a video from TimeOut London with more about the cereals available:

Can the Cereal Killer cafe, which sells only cereal, really make a killing? [The Guardian]

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