There Is A Thrift Store That Sells Ugly Christmas Sweaters, And Only Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The fun thing about trends nowadays is that they often bring something back that either used to be popular, or never was. In any case, now that thrift stores are the place to go to find that gently-used look, it only makes sense that one business owner would dedicate the store’s entire stock to just one trendy thing: Ugly Christmas sweaters, of course.

Sure, some stores are going to charge a bit too much for an intentionally ugly item of clothing you’ll only wear once, but maybe you don’t want to pay just to rent it and give it back after your holiday shindig.

So if you’re near Fort Collins, CO, you’re in luck, as the appropriately named Ugly Christmas Sweater store is now open for business and sells Ugly Christmas Sweaters and that is ALL she wrote.

When the store opened it had 4,000 sweaters in stock, with prices ranging from the very modest $3 up to $43, reports CBS Denver. The owner says she’s now selling about 150 sweaters every day.

She got the idea after working at another thrift store and seeing that people really, really liked buying UCSs. So she planned this summer, washed and hot glue-gunned stuff, then opened up in the fall. She has plans to expand to Denver and Boulder, to spread the ugly joy there.

“I like risk,” she said, “And thought, ‘I’m going to do it,’ and I did it.”

Her employees sound like they’re having fun as well, though it might be tougher to stay in the holiday company of those sweaters once July hits, hot and sweaty.

“You immediately get a laugh because you look at someone’s sweater and you’re like, ‘Wow, that’s actually more hideous than mine,’ ” one employee joked.

Exactly the point, friend. Exactly the point.

Fort Collins Shop Capitalizes On The Ugly In Christmas Sweaters [CBS Denver]

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