How Do You Eat A Live Octopus?

Let’s be clear: There are many things in life I would be willing to try, that at first sound horrifying. Like talking to strangers on the subway before I’ve had any coffee and after I’ve had no sleep, maybe I could manage that someday. But eating a still squirming octopus? That is not on the list. Luckily for those of you who would like to try something that I imagine feels like internal strangulation, someone else is on the job already to show you how.

Vice’s Munchies has a video showing how it’s done in South Korea, where the practice of consuming a live cephalopod piece by piece as it’s wriggles is not such a crazy idea for most folks.

If you’re worried about what the octopus feels during this whole thing, it’s probably best not to watch (or to read Munchies’ interview with a cephalopod expert about the practice, shudder/no thanks).

And it goes without saying, if you’re squeamish at the sight of moving food, probably don’t watch either.

Are you ready? Take a deep breath BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE YOUR LAST IF YOU DO THIS WRONG (kidding, mostly!);

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