General Mills Coming Out With “Ancient Grains” Cheerios Featuring Stuff Like Quinoa

cheerios-ancient-grainsIt’s not just for health nuts anymore — grains like quinoa and spelt are now the norm, and General Mills wants to take advantage of that shift in consumers’ tastes with a new “Ancient Grains” Cheerios cereal that includes those ingredients, as well as other ingredients with funny names you used to never know.

Everything is different now that we want healthy stuff to eat, thus, General Mills’ hopes that the new version of Cheerios — with quinoa, Kamut wheat and spelt, along with oats, of course — will be right up shoppers’ aisles. Just click those links if you still don’t know what the cool grains are these days.

“They’re keeping their ears attuned to what’s hot and trendy,” author Topher Ellis, who co-wrote The Great American Cereal Book: How Breakfast Got Its Crunch told NPR’s The Salt. And what’s hotter and trendier these days than spelt?

Adding the word “ancient” into the mix conjures up all sorts of mystery around these grains, a cachet that could help Cheerios get a new groove in today’s health-conscious culture.

Start keeping your eyes peeled for Ancient Grains to hit shelves in January.

Fringe No More: ‘Ancient Grains’ Will Soon Be A Cheerios Variety [The Salt]

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