British Stores Stocking More Thanksgiving Products As American Traditions Invade

The holiday that gives thanks for a new home away from the ye olde Europe has made it full circle, and has apparently entrenched itself right back where the Pilgrims started from: British stores are now stocking Thanksgiving products, as Americans abroad have spread the holiday’s popularity across the pond. Because everyone can enjoy a nice turkey nap.

For the first time, Tesco stores in the UK will be stocking the shelves with all the stuff Americans like, which, as The Daily Mail explains, includes the typical assortment of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and uniquely American things like “sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows (perhaps an acquired taste …),” the paper notes.

“It’s now an important holiday in both the U.S. and the UK, so we’ve ensured our range includes all the Thanksgiving essentials,” explains Tesco’s American buyer, Haris Deane, including things like marshmallows with candied yams and pumpkin pie mix, foods many Brits might not traditionally go for.

Another chain called Waitrose has its turkey buyer on alert, as she explains that turkey sales are up 95% in November from five years ago, which the company believes to be “solely down to Thanksgiving celebrations.”

You’re welcome, enjoy the tryptophan.

First, Halloween – now Thanksgiving has arrived on our shores [The Daily Mail]

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