TSA Would Like To Remind Everyone Flying For The Holidays That You Can’t Bring Guns In Your Carry-On

After a record year finding guns in travelers’ carry-on bags at the nation’s airports, the Transportation Security Administration wants to take a second to remind everyone flying for the holidays that weapons need to be in your checked baggage and declared to authorities.

Through Nov. 17, the TSA has stopped a record 1,931 travelers attempting to get on planes with guns in their carry-on bags, reports CNNMoney, up from last year’s 1,813.

And this year’s number doesn’t even include the busiest travel days of the year around Thanksgiving and Christmas, which makes it likely that the total will climb even higher by the end of 2014.

In one recent week, the TSA found 35 guns, 29 of which were loaded in passengers’ carry-on bags.

A TSA spokesman said the “vast majority” of travelers found to have guns in their carry-ons say it’s a case of just forgetting that the weapon was in there when they left for the airport.

If you’re caught with a gun going through security, you could face criminal penalties as well as civil penalties, including hefty fines.

Other weapons you most definitely cannot keep in your carry-on while flying: Knives, daggers concealed in canes, box cutters, sabers and scissors, cricket bats, cattle prods, ski poles and golf clubs. That’s not to mention throwing stars and blow torches. Toy weapons of any kind are also a no-no.

If you do want to fly with a gun, many states allow fliers to pack them in their checked luggage, unloaded and properly stored, as well as declared to officials.

When in doubt, check the TSA list of prohibited items before you fly.

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