Pear Industry Super Psyched That Rick Ross Is Sharing His Love Of The Fruit With The “Young And Hip”

While you might not have seen a Vine from last month wherein rapper Rick Ross praises the pear for its contribution to his recent weight loss, sending a shoutout to “all the pear,” there’s one group that pays close attention to all things pear, and it is pretty darn excited that such a cool guy is talking about the fruit.

Modern Farmer says that while a USA Pears spokesperson says there hasn’t yet been an uptick in sales from Ross’ endorsement — shoppers often react to trendy products in pop culture by running out to buy them — the group is pleased as punch by the fact that it’s social media impressions are on the rise. Since the Vine was first posted, Ross’ fans have been touting the power of the pear and giving USA Pears props on Twitter especially, with people competing to outdo Ross’ show of affection.

Getting young, cool people to pay attention? It’s a marketing dream.

“On behalf of our 1,600 pear growers from the Northwest region, we are pleased that Rick has mentioned the health benefits of pears,” the USA Pears spokesperson told Modern Farmer. “Overall, we could not be more pleased with our message being delivered to a new, young and hip demographic.”

Your move, prunes.

Here’s the Vine (turn sound on at the bottom), but spoiler alert — Ross says a naughty word:

Shoutout to All The Pear: U.S. Pear Farmers Thankful to Rick Ross [Modern Farmer]

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