Report: Facebook Planning “At Work” Version For Networking On The Job

Stop whatever you’re doing at work — talking to Joanne in accounting about her weekend or crunching those numbers — and get on Facebook. Seriously, your boss might want you to do that in the future if the new reported “Facebook at Work” test becomes a workplace reality.

According to the Financial Times, the company is working on this secret project in order to worm its way into the office and get users connected on the social network in a new, professional way.

The test is designed along the lines of the original Facebook’s intent, which was to provide information for college students about their peers on campus. After the company saw how its own employees were using Facebook at work, the powers that be apparently decided to see how other businesses could use the site to discuss projects, collaborate over documents and other workplace activities.

Facebook at Work would allow users to keep their personal and work profiles totally separate as well, but will look a lot like regular Facebook, with newsfeeds and groups.

The company hasn’t commented on the report as yet, but the FT says the project started during the past year and is now being tested with some companies ahead of its launch.

I think Facework flows a lot better than Facebook at Work, even if it kind of sounds like you’ve had some plastic surgery done. Just sayin’.

Facebook seeks foothold in your office [Financial Times]

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