An Offer You Can’t Refuse: ‘The Godfather’ Mansion Is On Sale For $2.9M

Scratch your jowls at that, would ya?

Scratch your jowls at that, would ya?

Just try getting The Godfather theme out of your head now, guys, because it’s completely stuck in mine. Oh, sorry, did I just plant that seed in there? Well while you’re humming along anyway, consider buying a piece of Corleone family history: If you’ve got $2.89 million to spare and an itch to own in Staten Island, the house that starred as the exterior for the mobster movie mansion is on the market.

While only the outside of the five-bedroom, seven bathroom, 6,248-square-foot mansion was used in the 1972 film, the owners have remodeled some rooms to look like they could’ve been in the flick, reports the Staten Island Advance.

For example — future owners of the house may want to sit in a wood-paneled office in a red leather chair as supplicants pay court, just like Don Corleone on the day of his daughter’s wedding. That’s basically what I would do all day long. Just wheeling and dealing.

”The current owners have done an amazing job renovating the home, including a first-floor office they remodeled to try to make look like the office in the ‘Godfather’ movie,” said a rep from the real estate agency.

I’d also have a tray full of orange slices ready to go for whenever I felt like a nice walk in the garden, obviously.

Staten Island’s ‘Godfather’ house on the market for $2.89M [Staten Island Advance]

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