Guy Ends Up With 99 iPhones Worth Of Rejection After Girlfriend Turns Down Elaborate Marriage Proposal

At this point, we must acknowledge that everyone would like to allude to Jay Z’s song about having 99 problems but a difficult, cranky woman isn’t one of them. That’s because some guy in China bought not one iPhone 6, not two, but exactly 99 iPhones as part of an elaborate, public proposal of marriage. Spoiler alert: He’ll only have those phones to curl up with at night from now on.

Just in time for the country’s Singles’ Day, a man in China has found himself flying solo after his lady friend put the kibosh on his offer of marriage, reports The Nanfang Insider (h/t to Yahoo Tech).

The computer programmer rustled up 99 iPhone 6 phones (redundant, but what if an iPhone 6s comes out someday?) and stacked them into the shape of a heart on the ground. He reportedly spent about two years’ salary on the setup, about $82,000.

Evidence of the effort as seen on Chinese social media site Weibo shows the couple in the middle of the heart, with either onlookers or friends and family ringed around the outside.

Look at it this way — now you’ve got 99 Siris to talk to about your heartache.


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