Dillard’s Pulls Sign From Girls’ Department Asking Santa For A “Fat Bank Account” & “Slim Body”

Complaining about getting a fat body and a slim bank account for Christmas instead of vice versa sounds like something one might see in a Cathy cartoon ([sweat marks!] “Bikini season, ugh!” [sweat marks!] etc.) But for some reason, a Dillard’s department store decided to display that joke on a decorative sign posted in the Girls section of the stores, asking Santa to please bring a “fat bank account” and slim body.

I don’t know about the rest of you, ladies, but when I was young enough to be writing to Santa Claus, I don’t think I had any idea that the $18 in my first checking account didn’t qualify it as fat, and I certainly wasn’t worried about getting a “slim body” but someone at a Dillard’s at a West Palm Beach, FLO mall apparently thought such a sign belonged where girls could see it, reports WPTV.com.

Maybe they didn’t read past, “Dear Santa,” as the sign reads in its entirety (punctuation ours):

“Dear Santa,

This year, please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t mix those two up like you did last year. Thanks.”

A mother of three reportedly spotted the sign at her local mall and posted it to Facebook, where it’s been shared hundreds of times.

“What would a little girl want with a bank account? It gives the wrong message about having a slim body. That’s not the message we want to give our kids,” one shopper told WPTV.

Employees reportedly said the sign wasn’t meant to be in the girls’ section, and has since been removed. Beyond that, Dillard’s has asked all stores to remove the sign from the sales floor entirely.

‘Dear Santa’ sign stirs up controversy at local department store [WPTV.com]

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