Cafe Banned From Cooking Bacon Because Not Everyone Loves The Smell

Many people enjoy the smoky, porky sent of bacon wafting out a kitchen in the morning. But it might not be the scent you want surrounding you while shopping for wedding dresses, which is why one cafe in Australia isn’t allowed to cook the stuff anymore.

According to the Courier Mail, a cafe in Brisbane is banned from making bacon after complaints from the bridal shop in the same building.

The bridal store, which sells pricey couture gowns, complained to building management about the unmistakable odor of bacon coming through the air ducts.

The owner of the cafe says he’s been serving bacon for almost two years and had no idea there was a problem until receiving a notice last month.

“The biggest thing was the shock of not knowing anything about it and then having this massive drama arise overnight,” he explains, adding that the bridal store owner had never come to him directly about the bacon-related concern, but went straight to building management.

“We have no relationship with the tenant upstairs and if we had just talked about it face-to-face we could have come to an arrangement to keep both parties happy,” says the cafe owner. “It’s a shame because it places us in a bad light and we never knew anything about it.”

The cafe tried a few different ways of cooking bacon that might not result in both a literal and figurative stink, but the owner says that he ultimately just switched to serving ham.

Building management confirms the ban on bacon and says it “has never been permissible” to cook the stuff because the cafe doesn’t have an extraction fan.

“The cooking of bacon impacted the quiet enjoyment of another tenant in the centre,” reads a statement from the management company, which says it then reminded the cafe of which items there were allowed to cook in the building.


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