Enormous Beach Vacation Home Built On Wrong Lot

Image courtesy of (L. Bird)

How do you accidentally build a beach house in the wrong place? We wondered that back in June, when sharing the story of a $1.8 million home in Rhode Island that was accidentally built on public park land. Meanwhile, in Florida, a couple spent $680,000 building a custom beach house…on the lot next door to the one that they actually own.

The owners live in Missouri, and built the house as an investment, to be rented out to vacationers. They own a total of 18 lots in the same development, but the builder still somehow managed to put the house on one that they don’t own. “I have built about 600 homes in Flagler County and this has never happened to me before,” the builder told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. It does happen, but it’s rare.”

The owner and the builder agree about who is to blame: the initial survey, performed by a reputable local surveyor back in 2013 before the house was built, was incorrect. The area where the house was built consists of just empty and unmarked lots, so it’s easy to see how an error might be made. The lot where the house was built was purchased in 2003, but still had no construction on it. Well, until 2013.

The parties involved are working to resolve the situation, which probably won’t require the couple to tear down or move the house, unlike the house in Rhode Island. (That house was also built in the wrong spot due to a surveying mistake.)

In Ocean Hammock, dream house, ocean view, wrong lot [Daytona Beach News-Journal]

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