Women Claim Their McDonald’s Iced Tea Came With A Free Worm

Typically when you order a drink at the local fast food drive-thru, the only surprise you get is maybe the wrong type of soda in your cup. A Virginia family says they received a much more slimy shocker: A small worm.

The ordeal began last week when two sisters paid a visit to the local McDonald’s drive-thru and ordered iced tea, The Charlottesville Newsplex reports.

When the women returned home, one sister says she took a drink of the tea only to feel something hit the back of her throat.

“I turned the light on and I seen something going like this [gestures worm motion] and it was a worm in my tea,” one of the women says. “I sipped it up through my straw.”

The sisters visited a doctor as a precaution and were prescribed antibiotics.

An inspector for the Virginia Department of Health visited the fast food restaurant following the incident and found no worms inside the drink machine or the ice dispenser.

However, the inspector did find a worm living under one of the pieces of equipment inside the building.

The inspector also noted in the preliminary inspection that there were “rodent droppings under front counter and throughout facility,” the inspector writes. “Premises are not being routinely inspected for evidence of pests.”

In a statement McDonald’s says their main focus is on providing high quality food for customers.

“We take matters concerning the safety of our food very seriously,” the statement reads. “The Health Department has informed us that upon inspection, they came away with no findings regarding this matter. While this claim is unsubstantiated, we will continue to cooperate with the Health Department in their investigation.”

WARNING: Video contains wormy grossness.

Update: McDonald’s Responds to Claim of Worm Found in Iced Tea [Charlottesville Newsplex]

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