Facebook Wants To Be Your Source For Healthcare Info

Facebook is already a hotbed for your hypochondriac and conspiracy theorist friends to post poorly sourced or blatantly false medical information — like the bogus “Johns Hopkins Cancer Update” that pops up every few months — but the social network apparently wants to be more actively involved in the collecting and sharing of healthcare information to its users.

According to Reuters, Facebook is working on a family of apps and services that would tap into users’ need to know whether or not that strange bump on their forearm is going to kill them; and if so, how quickly?

One idea is “support communities” where Facebook users with various ailments could chat and share information with each other… on a site that is notorious for its mass collection and monetization of every granular piece of data it can collect about its users. So that’s a good idea.

Facebook may also release “preventative care” apps that presumably help people from doing things that hasten their inevitable death.

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