Americans Will Spend $34 Billion On Consumer Electronics This Holiday Season

Cats: not one of the top 5 gadgets. (frankieleon>frankieleon)

Cats: not one of the top 5 gadgets. frankieleon)

What consumer items do you have your eye on this year? The Consumer Electronics Association, a trade group for exactly what you think it is, says that our most-coveted gifts this holiday season are consumer electronics. Well, that doesn’t surprise anyone, but the CEA projects that we will spend $33.76 billion on electronics this year.

What do we want? Sorted into broad categories, not naming specific brands or categories, the gadget gifts that adults want the most are:

  1. Tablets
  2. Notebook/Laptop computers
  3. Televisions
  4. Smartphones
  5. Videogame consoles

While people want tablets, the most popular gifts that people say they’re going to give are headphones or earbuds. (To be fair, those can be pricey, even if you don’t seek out the top brands.)

Whether they want these items as gifts or plan to buy them a gifts for themselves during pre-or post-holiday discount frenzies isn’t clear. Most consumers surveyed said that they plan to do their shopping during November or December, a compromise between extra lead time and access to the very best sales.

Just make sure that people who are close enough to give you expensive electronics know what you already own, so you’re spared any embarrassing return and exchange scenarios.

Holiday Season Tech Spending to Reach Record Levels, According to CEA’s 21st Annual Holiday Forecast [CEA]

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