Firefighters Rescue Unconscious Man, Finish Mowing The Lawn For Him

FIrefighter tidying up cut grass like a boss. A nice boss. (CBS Los Angeles)

FIrefighter tidying up cut grass like a boss. A nice boss. (CBS Los Angeles)

When something needs to get done, it needs to get done. And it’s awfully nice to hear that lately, local law enforcement have been stepping up to help finish jobs that can’t finish themselves. There were the cops who delivered a pizza after the delivery driver was in a car crash, and now some friendly firefighters have put themselves forward as lawn guys, mowing a man’s front yard after he lost consciousness.

Emergency personnel called to the scene in Corona, Calif., first provided lifesaving treatment to a man who had passed out while mowing the high grass on his lawn in the sun, reports CBS Los Angeles.

“I was cutting grass here, I feel dizzy a little bit, so I stand over by the car here,” the man remembers, noting that the grass was “so, so high.”

That’s when he fell face forward in the driveway, prompting someone to call for help.

After the ambulance pulled away to take the man to the hospital, the firefighters on the scene decided to stay at his house for a while.

“We all kind of looked at each other, kind of looked around at the lawn equipment and realized this family was going through a very traumatic event right now and they need some simple acts of kindness,” said a Fire Dept. Engineer.

So the five firefighters there finished mowing his lawn and cleaning up the grass, to the great appreciation of the man who says he fainted due to the heat and effort of mowing.

“I never had the experience like that before. I feel like safe,” he said.

It’s sort of like when I fall asleep eating cheese and wake to find that my cat has done me a solid and finished the job. But much, much better and kindhearted. Kudos, nice people of the world!

Corona Firefighters Save Man — And Then Finish Mowing His Lawn [CBS Los Angeles]

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