Guy With A Sweet Mustache Allegedly Went On California Costco Shoplifting Spree

I’ve always wanted an awesome nickname. Apparently I should just ask the Santa Cruz, CA, police department for their input. I am officially crowning them the unofficial nickname kings (and queens) for the name bestowed on an alleged serial Costco thief: El Mustachio the Magician.

CBS San Francisco Bay Area reports local police officers arrested a 45-year-old man in connection with a number of burglaries at the same Santa Cruz Costco store.

The man is suspected of stealing electronics from the store on July 7, July 17 and August 21. After three successful shoplifting trips the man tried again on August 26, but walked away empty-handed.

Police officers gave the man the unique nickname after watching surveillance footage of the July 7 theft.

In the video, the man allegedly grabbed Bose SoundLink speakers from a shelf then stepped away from the warehouse video camera in order to slip the speakers under his shirt and jacket before leaving the store.

Police say the nickname seemed fitting because of the man’s facial hair and his ability to hide speakers under his clothing.

Both of the late July and early August incidents involved the theft of laptops.

During the August 26 attempted theft, the man allegedly tried to get away with an Xbox video game console. When warehouse employees made contact with the man, he dropped some of the device’s cables from his pockets and fled.

Officials were able to connect the three thefts and one attempted theft to the same man through the security footage. Although he wore different clothing for each trip, he continued to rock a well-groomed fu manchu and the same Ugg-style boots.

When police were unable to identify the man, they got creative. In exchange for information that would lead for to an arrest they offered a commemorative pint glass with the mustache painted on it signed by the police chief.

An anonymous tipster identified the man as the assailant. However, the man had already been arrested in an unrelated case.

Shoplifter Nicknamed ‘El Mustachio The Magician’ Arrested At Santa Cruz Costco [CBS SF Bay Area]

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