Town Completes Its Quest To Successfully Grill A 200-Foot Bratwurst

Unrelated bratwurst is much shorter. (Coyoty)

Unrelated bratwurst is much shorter. (Coyoty)

Remember the town that was preparing to cook 200 feet of unbroken bratwurst by first grilling 100 feet of sausage? Of course you do, how could you forget such a meat feat? You’ll be happy to know, then, that the proud folks of that Illinois town can now say they’ve grilled a 200-foot bratwurst without breaking it.

In Belleville, IL, the home of the World’s Largest Bottle of Catsup, is turning 200 years old this year, and the town wanted to really kick up its heels and celebrate. So what better way than with a very long tube of meat?

After months of planning, hundreds of townsfolk attending the bicentennial events this weekend watched as volunteers completed their quest to grill the 200-foot brat, using teamwork to make sure the entire thing was rotated at the same pace.

The brat proved popular.

“I think it’s the highlight of the whole thing,” one lifelong resident told the Belleville News-Democrat, our source for all things in the large ketchup bottle/brat news world. “It takes a lot for me to get out at 88 years old, but I’m impressed.”

There was also of course, the 200-foot bun, baked in town and hand-delivered to the bratwurst event by local athletes.

Against, while the organizers wanted to break a world record for the longest grilled bratwurst, they instead took the money that would’ve gone toward paying a fee to have that feat signed off by record keepers and put it back into the town.

“Everyone got really excited,” said one athlete involved in the hand rolling of the bratwurst. “We got it done right.”

Success: Belleville grills 200-foot bratwurst to commemorate city’s 200th birthday [Belleville News-Democrat]

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