Thief Steals Forklift, Tries To Break Into ATM With It

(Jacksonville Sheriff's Office)

(Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office)

Some people would steal an industrial forklift from a construction site, and that would be the extent of their crimes. Forklifts are expensive, after all. Just sell the forklift and call it a (criminal) work day. Yet one criminal in Florida aspired to more. He or she apparently stole the forklift, then turned it to a greater purpose: stealing an ATM from a bank.

Or the money inside. Either way. Apparently, though, machines that hold large amounts of cash are quite hard to break into. (Just ask the man in Colorado who allegedly tried to dissolve the exterior of one with acid.) Who would have thought?

The police in Jacksonville, Florida say that someone–they’ve released no details about the suspect, so it could be a cat for all we know–stole the forklift from a nearby construction site and tried to smash the

The suspect left the forklift behind near the ATM, but the 10,000-pound piece of equipment sustained no damage while being used to smash the cash machine. Police were also dusting a large truck for prints on the scene, which had presumably been used to transport the forklift to the bank.

Of course, any viewer of “Breaking Bad” could tell you about how difficult it is to break into a stolen ATM, especially with your meth dealer sitting right there watching you. (Warning: strong language, disturbing cartoonish violence)

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