Waiter Earns Eternal Bragging Rights By Carrying 27 Full Beer Mugs At Once

Everyone has their “party story” — you know, the one you tell to a group in a social setting to make the whole gathering less awkward and relate to those around you, priming everyone to bond and grow closer. But one German man has earned himself maybe one of the most unique cocktail tale by carrying 27 mugs brimming with beer at one time, setting the world record for beer-carrying in the process.

And lest you think you could possibly pull off the same feat, let’s be clear about the size of those 27 brewskis: Each 1-liter mug is the equal of about two pints, not to mention the glass those mugs are made of, reports The Daily Mirror.

Then after hoisting all those drink, the waiter carried them 40 meters, about 43 yards.

He’s not just your average waiter, however — he’s been training for months to figure out his strategy of stacking the glasses in two tiers, not to mention the practice he gets at his job serving brews at a beer festival in Bavaria.

A world record AND he never has to think of another icebreaker story for the rest of his life. Lucky. All I’ve got is the story about the wheel of cheese, the fire extinguisher and Bill Murray.

Waiter smashes world beer-carrying record by hauling nearly 30 large glasses of ale in one go [The Daily Mirror]

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