Store Owner Giving Away Hundreds Of Pairs Of New Shoes To Any And All School Kids In Town

On the one hand, hundreds of pairs of brand new shoes could fetch a pretty penny for the seller. But on the other hand, as one New Jersey store owner figured, there are kids out there who could use some free footwear.

The owner of the a shoe store in Red Bank, NJ just moved his store to the area, and realized he didn’t have enough room for hundreds of pairs of children’s shoes in the new store, reports redbankgreen. Instead of selling them off to a broker, he decided to give back to the community where he grew up, after seeing kids with holes in their shoes.

“I’m part of the community,” he said. “I want to contribute.”

There’s no catch, and no strings attached — the only requirement to get a free pair of the never worn shoes is that each kid gets only one pair, and that they be from Red Bank.

Parents can bring a piece of mail with a local home address or a utility bill during the giveaways on Sept. 21 and 28 at the store to prove residency.

Other than that, the kicks are free.

“No one will be disappointed,” he said.

*Thanks for the tip, Tom!


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