Poopsy Pets Now Poop Undigested Food Instead Of Jewels

Last year, we brought you the exciting news that there was a new line of fashion dolls with fashion pets available for kids who like that kind of thing. We were concerned and amused that the toy portrays pet ownership in a very inaccurate way: namely, that rabbits eat and poop glitter, and unicorns not only exist but also poop rainbows. Exciting news: there are more Poopsy Pets.

With this round, the animals’ defecation habits are simultaneously more realistic and more horrifying. Maybe because instead of glitter eggs and rainbows, these critters eat foods that are real foods. Kind of.


The current crop of Poopsy Pets consist of an elephant, a tiger, and a panda. Those are all very large animals which are somehow the size of a large house cat, but we can accept that.



It’s also kind of weird that now the box portrays the actual toy instead of a pooping cartoon.


Where things get weird are with the tiger. It would be very educational for the critters to both eat and poop shredded pieces of gazelle flesh, but maybe that wouldn’t look so cute in toy form. Pandas really eat bamboo and elephants really do like peanuts, but tigers do not subsist on a diet of striped eggs.


Children who expect their own pets to eat small, brown, hard pieces of kibble and have the same thing come out the other end will be sorely disappointed…well, unless their pet has digestive problems, which is another issue entirely.

Thanks to Colleen, who spotted this new, strange model of pet ownership.

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