Indiana Brewhouse Offers Microwaved Hot Dogs, Canned Soup To Comply With State Liquor Laws

In Indiana, also known to Midwesterners (or just me) as The Really Long State That Takes Forever To Drive Through On Road Trips, if an establishment wants to serve booze by the drink, it also has to offer a certain amount of food at all times, ostensibly to soak up all that alcohol. In compliance with that law, one brewhouse has taken a different tack with its ah, cuisine.

The Bank Street Brewhouse is all about the letter of the law, yes siree — wherein “food” is defined as hot sandwiches, soups, milk and coffee, among other things — but if you’re thinking of some fine dining to go along with a selection of beers, well, this might not be the place for that.

However! If you are a fan of the hot dog sandwich (guilty as charged), this is the perfect place for you. As seen on Reddit, “Bank Street Brewhouse’s Indiana Statuatory Compliance Restaurant Menu” makes liberal use of the microwave and canned products to comply with Indiana’s laws:

Fingers crossed for chicken and stars, am I right?

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