Man Drives Car Into Walmart Store After Being Fired

A former Walmart employee drove his car into the store's entrance. Photo courtesy of KPLC.

A former Walmart employee drove his car into the store’s entrance. Photo courtesy of KPLC.

It’s totally understandable for someone to be angry over the loss of their job. But it is not okay for that person to then run their car into their former place of business.

KPLC-TV reports that a man drove his vehicle into a Louisiana Walmart store shortly after being fired Thursday morning.

The ordeal began after the man was escorted from the building. Officials say he then drove around the parking lot, came back to the storefront and rammed his vehicle into the entrance.

But it didn’t end there, officials say the man got out of this car, ran inside the building and made verbal threats to employees.

Officers say the suspect resisted arrest and was immobilized with a stun gun.

No major injuries were reported, but some people suffered minor injuries from broken glass, KPLC reports.

Management with Walmart did not specify why the man was fired.

Authorities: Man ran car into Sulphur Walmart after getting fired []

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