Husband Hunts Down Special Coin For His Wife After She Uses It At Toll Booth

Finding one coin among all the others filling the coffers of toll booths is kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. Or really, it’s like finding one particular coin out of a bunch of others. But that’s just what one husband did after his wife had to use a coin with sentimental value to pay a toll.

The Texas woman was driving a rental car that day and thus, didn’t have the EZPass she was used to, reports KHOU-11 News. But when it came time to pay the toll, she was told the $10 she handed over was a counterfeit.

In her bag was the only coin she had — a Bicentennial dollar coin that she found in her late mother’s purse. It held a lot of sentimental value for her, but what was she going to do? So she used it to pay the toll.

Her husband then made a bunch of phone calls and got in touch with the manager of the toll plaza, who was able to track down the toll booth operator. That attendant remembered the coin and still had it, as it was the only Bicentennial dollar in the lot from the morning.

The husband explains that he also keeps a coin as a reminder of his deceased father.

“I keep it with me all the time, so I know how much it meant to her to get hers back,” he said.

Woman uses special coin at toll booth, gets it back [KHOU-11]

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  1. mrkake says:

    Uh, I’m really impressed that he was able to find it. BUT, what was she to do? I don’t know… maybe say “I’m so sorry, I don’t have the money”… and usually they either let you go through, or take your address and send you a bill….

    • CzarChasm says:

      There is also a question here of why she had a counterfeit $10 bill. This is an odd story for sure.

      • Xenotaku says:

        The clerk /claimed/ it was a counterfeit bill. Maybe it didn’t quite feel right, maybe it was old enough to not have the newer security features people are trained to look for, or maybe something else felt a bit off. We don’t know if it actually was counterfeit or not.

        We also don’t know where she got it. Maybe she had just received it as change from a store? Most people trust that the store is not going to take counterfeit money, and therefore have no reason to believe that they’re not getting genuine cash back from their transactions.