101-Year Old Man Still Working At Same Lighting Company After 73 Years

(News 12)

(News 12)

Think you’ve been at your job a long time? Odds are you’re nowhere close to one 101-year-old New Jersey man, who’s been working at the same lighting company almost nonstop since he started as a shop clerk in 1941.

Barring a few years off to fight in World War II for the U.S. Army, Herman has worked for the company for 73 years, reports CBS New York, and he refuses to quit now.

“It gives me a reason to get up in the morning and go,” he tells News 12.

He began his tenure with the company selling and stocking items, as well as cleaning up the displays. He now specializes in rebuilding damaged items, or those which would otherwise be unusable, driving himself to work four days a week.

“Each one is a challenge and that’s it,” he says of working with broken fixtures. “Each one gives you something that the last one didn’t.”

Herman turned 101 over the weekend and his coworkers helped him celebrate on Monday.

Just thinking about 73 years of work makes me want to retire as soon as possible. But that’s because I’m no Herman.

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