Ford Recalls The 2013 Escape For 11th Time; Also Recalls Focus Hatchback

The newly redesigned Escape isn’t working out too well for Ford Motor Company. Over the weekend, the carmaker recalled the compact SUV for the eleventh time.

Reuters reports that Ford also recalled model year 2013-14 Focus ST hatchbacks, for a total of 160,000 vehicles. The problem is the same for both recalled models — the engine could lose power or stall.

A poor electrical connection in the vehicle’s wiring harness could affect the powertrain control module. If that occurs the vehicle could stall or lose power while in use, increasing the chance of an accident.

Officials with Ford tell Reuters they are unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the recalls. Owners of vehicles will be notified and dealers will correct the issue.

Ford redesigned the popular Escape for 2013 and has had nothing but issues with the vehicle since.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there have already been three previous recalls of the vehicle in 2014 alone.

Issues initiating the previous Escape recalls have included doors opening while driving [PDF], airbag deployment delays [PDF] and engine overheating that could result in fire [PDF].

Ford recalls 160,000 Focus, Escape models for wiring problem [Reuters]

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  1. Snarkapus says:

    Well, to be precise it’s the 2013 Escape with the 1.6L engine that’s been recalled 11 times. The 2014 with the larger 2.0 engine has only been recalled twice, for door handle calibration and a reprogram of the air bag software–neither show stoppers.

  2. Instegone says:

    I purchased a 2013 Ford Escape Titanium AWD, a couple of months after they were released. It had issues all the time. The worst was the shaking while IDLE, which Ford told me was normal. Also it only got like 16 miles to the gallon and the tank was so small I was filling it with gas every 3 days. Ended up trading it in after a year.