Watch A Guy Sit On Hold With Comcast Until They Close

3:22:35 and counting...

3:22:35 and counting…

The saga of what happens when you try to cancel your Comcast account continues this evening with a recording of the tail end of a more than three-hour wait on Comcast’s retention line. As far as we can tell, sitting on hold with Comcast for upwards of three hours isn’t a unique experience, but not everyone is creative enough to call Comcast with another phone while still on hold… only to hear a recording informing them that the company has closed for the day.

Three hours is a long time. (For context, during the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong spent 2 hours and 31 minutes walking around on the surface of the moon.)

We suppose there are a few explanations for how such a absurdly long wait time could happen. Perhaps this customer was lost in some mysterious queue. Perhaps Comcast plays that recording after a certain time of day and then finishes up the calls that are already in said mysterious queue. That doesn’t seem to be the case for this guy, however. He says (on reddit) that after being transferred to the retention department, his call was never answered.

Because he was calling to terminate his account after Comcast’s repeated failure to repair his service (multiple no-shows by technicians) there’s probably not much Comcast can do to repair this relationship. We’re just happy to hear that he had another cable provider to which he could switch. Not everyone is so lucky as to have that choice.

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