Savings Bonds Stashed In Attic, Found After Hurricane Sandy

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Almost two years ago, Hurricane Sandy caused flooding and property damage in areas that aren’t accustomed to dealing with heavy storms. While one woman in Massachusetts was cleaning up damage from that storm, she discovered some hidden treasure in an attic crawlspace: savings bonds that were more than 30 years old and had been stashed there for safekeeping. The bonds were safe, but they didn’t belong to her. Who did they belong to?

The current homeowner says that she has spent two years searching for the owner of the bonds, with no success. Most likely, they belonged to one of the house’s previous owners, and she purchased it in 1991. She finally turned to local media, speaking to the Quincy Patriot-Ledger. She gave the name on the bonds, noting that they had been purchased in Texas around 1981. The four bonds had a face value of $200, and were no longer earning interest.

“I’d like her to get her money. It may mean a lot to this woman. Someone has to know this person,” she told a reporter.

Someone did know her. The newspaper story ran on Saturday, August 9. That afternoon, a taxi pulled up in the driveway. The passenger knew the correct address to visit because it used to be her home. Her father, who died in 2006, was the purchaser of the bonds. “I’ve been waiting for you,” the current homeowner told her. She arrived bearing photo ID and her dad’s Social Security number.

Thanks to 30 years of interest, the bonds are now worth $641.

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