A 12-Year-Old Girl Just Made $100,000 By Selling Her Grand Champion Steer

When you and I were 12, we were really lucky to make $10 selling lemonade on even the hottest of days. But one very special 12-year-old isn’t making the big bucks on shilling drinks — she’s just sold a grand champion steer for a whopping $100,000.

The pre-teen broke a previous record at the Illinois State Fair, bypassing the former $62,000 benchmark with a winning bid of $100,000 at auction, reports the State-Journal Register.

The winners were made up of a group consisting of AT&T, Monsanto and DeKalb/Asgro, who will now all own the 1,330-pound winning steer. He apparently gets skittish in large crowds, so attendees at the auction were reportedly urged not to cheer too loud.

As for the owner of the steer, who’s been raising animals since she was five years old, she says she’s going to save the money and invest it in her future career in livestock.

“I haven’t won this big of a show before,” she said.

The Associated Press says that $100,000 would’ve paid for every animal in the sale of champions in the 2010 fair. Overall, the auction brought in more than $260,000 for the kids who raised the animals, with a 10% cut going to the 4-H and Future Farmers of America programs.

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