GM Recalls 269,001 Saturns, Chevrolets, Cadillacs, Buicks, And Pontiacs

Well, it’s the end of business on a Friday afternoon, so that means it must be time for another General Motors recall! As part of their apparent effort to recall every GM vehicle on the roads at least once, this afternoon the company announced the recall of 202,115 cars from current brands Buick, Cadillac, and Chevrolet, and from defunct brands Saturn and Pontiac.

The specific vehicles recalled are:

Saturn VUE – model years 2002 through 2004. These crossover SUVs may have a problem with the ignition cylinder that allows the key to be removed while the engine is on. GM reports that two known crashes and one injury have happened because of this defect. This recall includes 202,115 vehicles.

Cadillac ATS and Buick Encore, both model year 2013 – These vehicles have a problem with seat belt pretensioner cables: that’s the mechanism that instantly removes all slack from the seat belts and pulls them tight to protect passengers when the car decelerates abruptly, which means that an accident is imminent. There are no reported injuries from this issue: it wouldn’t cause any crashes, because there needs to be a crash for it to work in the first place. This recall includes 48,059 vehicles.

Chevrolet Impala, model years 2014-2015 – A storage compartment in the front of the vehicle may open during a crash. This recall includes 14,940 vehicles. There are no known injuries from this defect.

Pontiac G3 (model year 2009) and Chevrolet Aveo (2009-2010) – Brake fluid may fail to prevent corrosion, which would make brakes less responsive. Many cars with this defect were already fixed as part of a program that wasn’t at the level of a “recall.” There are no known injuries or crashes from this defect. This recall includes 1,968 vehicles.

Chevrolet Spark, model year 2014 – improperly tightened control arm bolts. This is the most serious recall: Spark owners are not to drive their cars, and should have it towed to a dealership. There are no known injuries or crashes from this defect. This recall includes 1,919 vehicles.

GM adds 5 U.S. recalls, biggest for Saturn Vue key issue [USA Today]

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