Dealership Gives Disgruntled Customer $100 Refund… In Loose Change

Usually when a consumer receives a refund from a company they get a check in the mail, or store credit, or a gift card. But for one Florida college student who got into a dispute with a car dealership, that refund came in the form of two bags full of scrounged-together change.

The ordeal began earlier this year when the student purchased a used 2003 Saab from a dealer in Jacksonville and immediately began having issues with the transmission, First Coast News reports.

The dealership repaired the vehicle and sold the international student a warranty.

A short time later, the transmission went out again. No big deal since she bought the warranty, right? Apparently, not so much.

“First time I paid $300,” she tells First Coast News. “Second time, they asked me for $400 saying how the warranty doesn’t cover labor. I thought it unfair because nobody said that to me.”

So, the woman filed a complaint with the Department of Motor Vehicles and an investigation concluded that the dealer needed to issue her a refund.

“The warranty did not cover labor and I failed to write that in and that was her loophole,” the dealership owner says.

When the student arrived at the dealership this week she found the refund in an unexpected form: loose change, with a few dollar bills.

Instead of hauling off the two bags, the woman left the refund at the dealership, saying she wasn’t sure if it was the correct amount and didn’t have time to count every penny.

The dealership owner tells First Coast News that the unusual refund manner wasn’t in retaliation, but that business has been slow and most of the coins came from various containers where he keeps spare change.

“I am doing what DMV asked me to do,” he says. “It is legal tender.”

The refund remains at the dealership awaiting pickup.

Jacksonville car dealer gives woman refund in pennies [First Coast News]

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  1. SingleMaltGeek says:

    I feel the owner is definitely doing this just to be an asshole.

    “’The warranty did not cover labor and I failed to write that in and that was her loophole,’ the dealership owner says.”

    Yeah…when YOU forget to put a clause in a contract that you presumably try to push on every customer, YOU have executed a contract that you don’t like. It’s not like the buyer drew up this warranty and asked the dealership owner to sign it. The owner is a lousy businessman and apparently also a very sore loser.

    • furiousd says:

      No kidding, claiming a loophole was found in abiding by the contract.

    • jdgr says:

      I agree. It’s not a loophole when it’s the contract that a company drew up. Sheesh.

      I also highly doubt that he really had $85 in coins (amount mentioned in the original article) lying around his business, so there’s no way this isn’t retaliation. If business is so slow, then he has time to take the coins to his bank and deposit the change there.

  2. Xenotaku says:

    What kind of person, even a business owner, has $400 of loose change laying around?

    I’d bring someone from the DMV with me, and force the owner to count it out in front of me, to prove that it’s the right amount. Because it sounds like he’s hoping that she doesn’t know what change is worth, being an international student, and is trying to shortchange her.

    Also, the headline should be changed to $400, not $100. Source says it’s a $400 refund.