A Tale Of Two Uber Ice Creams: It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Meltiest Of Times

The best of times. (Courtesy: Liz)

The best of times. (Courtesy: Liz)

I scream, you scream, we all want to make loud noises over that frozen dessert made of sweetened milk fat. So hearing that Uber is offering an on-demand ice cream delivery in certain cities today is no doubt quickening many hearts. But at $5 a pop, is the stuff even good?

The headline is a lie, first of all, because there are many more than two ice creams involved [list of cities here].

Menu items also vary by city, so it’s understandable that some offerings are more delicious than others (hope you’re representing with frozen custard, Wisconsin) and it sounds like those getting soft serve are faring better.

Consumerist heard from friends in Boston and New York City today (full disclosure: I know these people), with Mary sending her $50 receipt for herself and coworkers reading, “Well, this just happened” and Liz saying she also “got cool shades” with her choice of vanilla or chocolate soft serve with sprinkles from a Mister Softee truck.

There’s also Consumerist reader Kelly, who’s pretty pleased, tweeting to us: “We’re in great shape here in Detroit! Made to order ice cream sandwiches.”

(@klavaute on Instagram)

(@klavaute on Instagram)

While those folks had a good experience, others aren’t so lucky. Hence, the two kinds of tales, or whatever. Dickens!

Reader Karen wrote to us on Twitter, saying, “This is the Uber_BOS ‘ice cream’ that was delivered to me. It’s not even noon! This is liquid & sticks.”

The meltiest of times. (@karen_g)

The meltiest of times. (@karen_g)

Update: Karen’s tweeting paid off.

On the one hand, this is way more convenient than having to stalk the ice cream man — you just choose ICE CREAM on the app instead of Uber or UberX and it shows up.

But my 7-year-old self is slightly sad at the thought of not feeling that immediate adrenaline kick as soon as the ice cream truck’s song tinkles through the air, and of having to chase it down the block screaming “MOOOOMMMMM!!! I NEED MONEY!!! MOOMMMMM!”

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  1. MarthaGaill says:

    Mine came cold and perfect! It was amazing. We got ice cream sandwiches, two Drumsticks, some fancy chocolate one with nuts, a pudding pop. 10/10 Would do again.

    We also did the cupcake day and that was fun, too. Love the tank tops that came with them and the fun reusable bags.