Guy Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Beer Says He’s “Wrongfully Accused” Of Ordering 5 Pizzas From Jail

A man accused of boosting beer and being drunk in public somehow found himself in more trouble after he was booked at the police station, with officers claiming he used his cell phone to order a pizza delivery under the name of his arresting officer.

Police Corbin, Ky. say the man asked to use his cell phone to make a call during the booking process, after he was arrested for allegedly stealing $36 worth of beer, reports WTVQ.

Cut to a little bit later, when cops say five Domino’s pizzas happened to show up at the station under the arresting officer’s name. Police say they linked the call to the suspect by way of his cell phone number.

But he tells WKYT it’s all a big mistake and he knows nothing about any pizzas.

“I’m wrongfully accused on this here. They’ve charged me with two felonies over this pizza deal because I had my phone inside the holding cell,” he claims. “There was about 10 people who probably used the phone, so it’s hard to say. Like I said, I never heard anyone say a word about Domino’s pizzas. Any of it.”

Along with the original charges, he’s also now facing theft of identity, theft by deception, and impersonating a police officer.

And he’s ready to go all the way to the top with this pizza thing — whether or not he even got to eat a slice — make no mistake.

“I guess take it to court and see what happens. There’s not much I can do at the current moment,” he admitted.

Following Arrest Suspect Uses Only Phone Call To Order Pizza [WTVQ]
Pizza prank lands Corbin theft suspect in more trouble [WKYT]

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  1. CzarChasm says:

    That’s preposterous. Everyone knows that drunks that are arrested for stealing never try to get back at the arresting officer. I suspect a police coverup.

  2. furiousd says:

    It’s a strange way to lose one’s voting rights along with whatever else it is that happens when you’re a felon. It likely won’t hold in court despite how many people know he would have done it. From a larger perspective, it seems what he actually did and the circumstances he was in when he decided (allegedly decided) to do this are much tamer than many other crimes, and yet his penalty is two felony charges?