Like The Sign Says: This “Sale” At Toys ‘R’ Us Will Save You Exactly No Money

While we’ve become savvy enough shoppers to notice when a bit of Target math is about to render any advertised sale useless in the face of actual math, most of the time it’s up to shoppers to realize they’re not actually about to get a deal. But at Toys ‘R’ Us, at least the signs are up front about the fact that you’re about to save exactly nothing in a so-called sale.

Consumerist reader John snapped this pic of what he calls “upgraded Target math” at a Toys ‘R’ Us in Virginia.

At Toys 'R' Us, the sales have you.

At Toys ‘R’ Us, the sales have you.

Not only will your discount come out to $0, as the sign clearly trumpets, but these Hot Wheels will cost you $0.10 more than usual. But who likes a sign that declares, “Price Hike!” No one.

At least you know your non-savings right up front. And for that clarity, we salute you, Toys ‘R’ Us. But we’ll be getting our Hot Wheels elsewhere, thanks.

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