Pirates Of The Caribbean Briefly Shut Down After Man Loses Fingers On Ride

Visitors to Disney World may have been a bit disappointed yesterday to find the Pirates of the Caribbean ride temporarily out of operation, but probably not as disappointed as the man who lost pieces of two fingers on the ride.

WKMG-TV in Orlando reports that the incident occurred early Thursday morning. The ride was shut down for inspection after an adult male was injured.

A friend of the man confirmed to WKMG that the man lost the tips of his right pinky and ring fingers, though it’s unclear exactly how.

Disney officials reopened the pirate-themed boat ride after determining that it was safe for park visitors.

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  1. DyinMyelin says:

    Arrr matie, now you can get an authentic hook hand.

  2. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    i am very familiar with that ride – i never worked it when i was at disney but i rode it hundreds of times. and i wish this sounded less funny because i can hear the safety spiel in my head as i type this: but somebody didn’t keep their hands and arms inside the ride vehicle at all times.
    i would be willing to bet that he either tried to get out during the ride or attempted to disembark near, but not quite AT the unloading area and grabbed the gunwale of the boat while it was still moving and it rubbed up against the dock.