American Airlines Flight Diverted, Passenger Removed, For Using Vague “Electronic Device”

Passengers on an American Airlines flight from Newark to Dallas made an unexpected pit stop in St. Louis on Thursday night after the crew removed one traveler for what was deemed a suspicious use of an electronic device.

About two hours into the planned 3.5-hour trip, American flight 1691 landed at Lambert-St. Louis International because, according to the AP, a passenger had complained to cabin crew about a man using some sort of device in a way that was apparently suspect, though AA isn’t providing details on either the device or what about its use warranted the landing in St. Louis.

And as you’ve probably guessed, after removing the passenger and questioning him, officials determined he and his vague device that uses electronics in some way posed no threat.

Meanwhile, flight 1691 was continuing on its way to Dallas, with the diversion only eating up about 90 minutes of travel time.

The removed passenger made his way to Dallas on another flight.

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